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Eskape music studio in Derby (video)

Eskape studio is based in Derby city centre in the midlands and easy to get to by train or car. Set within Dubrek Studios, it’s an ideal space to work in with studio engineer/producer Alex Calver (aka Skapes/Calvertron) who has over 15 years experience producing all styles and genres of electronic dance music.

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Making it in the music business (my thoughts)

Trying to make it the music industry can be a bumpy and unforgiving ride, one minute you can be on top surfing the wave of success, then the next forgotten about, almost overnight, so my humble advice straight off the bat, (if you’re pursuing a prolonged and sustained career as a Dj or music producer) is to grow a thick skin.

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What DAW do I use?

I’ve been an avid Cubase user for over 2 decades. I started off my production journey with (a very primitive incarnation) of Cubase on an old Atari ST computer with a tiny, square, black n white monitor. There was no such thing as vst plugins, softsynths or even audio, it was merely a midi sequencer, but it was solid as a Rock.

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