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Eskape music studio in Derby (video)

Eskape studio is based in Derby city centre in the midlands and easy to get to by train or car. Set within Dubrek Studios, it’s an ideal space to work in with studio engineer/producer Alex Calver (aka Skapes/Calvertron) who has over 15 years experience producing all styles and genres of electronic dance music.

Check out this short video and take a closer look at the Eskape Studio set up:

Whether you’re looking to make your next big club hit to further your DJ career, or your productions just need a better mix down to give them that extra 10%, Alex can help engineer and mix down your ideas to release standard which will help you realise your vision!

If you live too far away or don’t have the time to make it into the studio, all the same services are available to be worked remotely through the internet.

To get the ball rolling, contact Alex today!

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